How to apply for an allotment

If you would like to become an allotment plot-holder, please contact the Town Council office and complete the application form once this is completed and returned, we will arrange a site visit.

Please note that the management of the Hodge Furze site has been transferred to the Hodge Club so they are now responsible for maintaining the site and collecting rents for the new allotment year. You can contact them on:

Allotment plots require a lot of effort and we have the following guide to help you get started. 'Growing-advice'

Allotment Application Form

2018/2019 Charges for Old Wolverton

2018/2019 Charges Stacey Hill

Tenancy agreements



Man working the ground at an allotment

Useful Information for Allotment Holders

Please follow the links to the useful information for Allotment Holders 

Spade working the ground

  Tenancy Agreement Template

  Shed Security 

  A Place to Grow 

  Policy on Keeping Fowl on Allotments 

  Policy on Keeping Rabbits on Allotments 

  Asbestos Policy 

  Dealing with Wasps and Bees Nests on Allotments 

  Allotment Plot Sharing Policy 

  RSPCA Welfare of Animals on Allotments 





TERMINATION OF A TENANCY OF AN ALLOTMENT GARDEN The tenancy of an allotment garden shall terminate on the annual rent day after the death of the Tenant. It may also be terminated by the Council by re-entry after one month’s notice.