Britain in Bloom 2019

Volunteering Opportunities 

You can come out and volunteer with our incredible team every Wednesday! Keep an eye out on social media for the location. 

Britain in Bloom Volunteering 

Sponsor a Dustbin for Britain in Bloom!

For just £50.00 you can sponsor a dust bin for BIB! The dustbins will be displayed along Stratford Road. 

Britain in Bloom Dustbin Sponsorship 

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Nationals and Thames & Chilterns in Bloom Winners

Silver Gilt win for Wolverton & Greenleys in the United Kingdom National finals of Britain in Bloom

In Belfast on Friday our volunteers were thrilled to hear they had won a Silver Gilt award! This was in competition with the whole of the UK.

We shall soon be asking for your help planting out pansies and bulbs for the Winter!


Thames & Chilterns in Bloom Winners 

The Wolverton and Greenleys in Bloom team were delighted to attend the Thames and Chilterns in Bloom awards where they won; the Silver Gilt Award in the Urban Community Category 2018 and the Regional Award 2018 for Heritage. The team will be attending the National Awards where they hope to pick up even more awards!

Britain in Bloom 2018 by Hilary Saunders & Lynda Hammond

The Britain in Bloom team were in full swing as they prepared for visits from two pairs of judges; the Thames and Chiltern Regional judges and the National Royal Horticultural judges, who are much stricter. We were thrilled to have received so many offers of help around the town including many residents who promised to water the planters on their doorsteps and at the street signs. This included two families from the Bulgarian community who came after church to help do doorstep planters. The core team has grown to four ladies with Jane joining us this year. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out, especially when it gets to winter pansy planting time. Remember, no gardening experience is necessary! We are also on the lookout for more male volunteers.

For next year, we would love to hear from anyone interested in helping to make Wolverton Station look attractive with plants, as all stations used to be. We are exploring the ‘Station Adopter Scheme’ as a new venture but would need extra volunteers to make this work. We would also like to hear from anyone who regularly visits the cemetery to help us keep the entrance bed looking welcoming.

The Wolverton Inner Wheel Ladies have undertaken to look after the War Memorial garden with us and will also be looking after the 175 Wheel on McConnell Drive.

The Britain in Bloom team were delighted to have help planting in the Greenleys area. Three college students cleared the planters outside Tesco Express in Greenleys, which were then filled with new plants by Urb Farm trainees. Tesco Express and the other shopkeepers will be keeping the planters watered.

Back in Wolverton, some residents in the Bedford and Oxford Streets came out to tidy their brick raised beds and lend green bins. We hope to work with them again in the Autumn.

We are grateful to our contractors, AxiomB2, for all the wonderful lamp post baskets and some of the ground level formal planting they have done as well as a huge amount of watering.

Thanks to everyone who has made a real effort to make their own front gardens look beautiful which is evident for us all to see.

We did struggle with weeks of wonderful - but DRY - weather but we have done our best and hope the judges are impressed. We shall have the results of the judges visits in the next newsletter.

The BIB team would also like to thank the Rotary Club for funding new planters in The Square and thank the MKC Ward Councillors for supplying new planters and buying materials for Men-in-Sheds who have made the new troughs for The Square.

Judges Visit to Wolverton 2018

Britain in Bloom 2017


This is the video presentation that the two Judges were shown. The video aims to show the Judges what they won't get chance to see on their tour around the area.

Gold Fingers



We are very pleased with how Wolverton and Greenleys has looked this summer and it seems the judges thought this too as for the first time in Wolverton and Greenleys' in Bloom history we have been awarded GOLD!


Many thanks to all of you who did something to help either with the floral displays, litter-picking or keeping your property and or garden nice ready for the judges. A big thank you to local businesses that helped, especially Bridgman & Bridgman Landscapes we couldn’t have done it without you.


The work goes on all year round, and we will soon need a few more volunteers to help with putting winter pansies into all our public planters. If YOU could spare a couple of hours to help now and then, at times to suit you, please inform the town council office on 01908 326800 or message us on our new Facebook Page @WolvertonandGreenleysBiB. We would be glad to meet up with you and show you what to do. 

Lynda Hammond and Hilary Saunders.

Hilary Saunders & Lynda Hammond being presented with Gold awards for Britain in Bloom.