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Current & Upcoming Road Closures   

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Haversham Road Closure 

Haversham Road will be closed on Monday 17th August for Network Rail to complete essential works to clear overgrown vegetation. 

Notice of Making 

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Bus Service Disruptions and Diversions  

Check here for more information on any current bus service changes. 

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TVP Safety Advice 

Car Crime Advice 

  • Remove all items from your vehicle - if the vehicle looks empty, chances are thieves will leave it alone.
  • Lock doors and close windows 
  • For more information, visit the TVP Website 
Dangers of Swimming in Rivers and Lakes 

Read Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Services advice for staying safe by Rivers and Lakes


Parish News

Biannual Estate Inspection Schedule 2019

David Ellis of MK Council Housing will be conducting biannual estate inspections in Wolverton and Greenleys

Proposed Field Lane Development 

Here is the presentation about the proposed works for the Field Lane Development from the last meeting presented by the Parks Trust. This plan is still working progress, no formal application has been submitted at this stage. 

Latest Planning News

Street Resurfacing Works in Wolverton


Did you know that the Wolverton Public Realm Design created in 2011 protects many of the design elements within Wolverton?

Thanks to a local resident reporting this to us, we have now been in touch with Milton Keynes Council who have now halted the work that they have been undertaking across Wolverton. Works were originally scheduled to re-tarmac along Victoria Street which is part paved and part flagstone paved. The guide identifies where possible any works undertaken should look to retain or reinstate original features which strengthens Wolverton's identity.

MKC will now look at their budget to see if they are able to secure funding to reinstate the remainder of the flagstone paving along Victoria street and WGTC are currently liaising with MKC to see what budget is available to undertake reinstating the remainder of the streets in the future.

Coming soon!


AGORA Redevelopment - be in the know

Public Consultations