Mayor of Wolverton

Councillors and staff in the Town Hall.

On 25th May 2017 Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council elected their first ever Mayor.

The Town Clerk Sally McLellan said ‘ I have had the privilege of being Clerk to the Town Council for nine years now, and each year the council has gone from strength to strength providing more activities and taking on increased responsibility for services in the parish’. The council continues to grow and has recognised the need for a Mayor to actively promote their parish.

The Mayor, Ansar Hussain is keen to be a bridge builder between communities.

The Mayor said ‘Our Town has a huge significance within the Milton Keynes area. The Town of Wolverton has great heritage and history. It is very vibrant and very multicultural with people from multi faiths and ethnicities residing in Town/Parish. I want to promote the town and spread awareness of the town’s interest to authority bodies and at other external events.’

If you would like to get in touch with the Mayor of Wolverton contact Ansar Hussain

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