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Wolverton and Greenleys newsletter is produced every two months and delivered to every household and business in the parish. You can view the latest copy of our newsletter by clicking the links in 'Issues'.

Please note in order to view the newsletters you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


WGTC Newsletters

Issue 113 Dec'18/Jan '19
Issue 112 Oct/Nov '18
Issue 111 Aug/Sept '18
Issue 110 June/July '18
Issue 109 Apr/May '18
Issue 108 Feb/Mar '18

Issue 107 Dec '17/Jan '18
Issue 106 Oct/Nov '17
Issue 105 Aug/Sept '17
Issue 104 Jun/Jul '17
Issue 103 Apr/May '17
Issue 102 Feb/March '17

Issue 101 Dec '16/Jan '17
Issue 100 Oct/Nov '16
Issue 99   Aug./Sept '16 
Issue 98  Jun/Jul '16 
Issue 97  Apr/May '16
Issue 96  Feb/Mar '16
Issue 95  Dec '15/Jan '16

Issue 94  Oct/Nov '15
Issue 93  Aug/Sept '15
Issue 92  Jun/July '15
Issue 91  Apr/May '15
Issue 90  Feb/Mar '15
Issue 89  Dec '14/Jan '15

Issue 88  Oct '14/Nov '14


Wolverton and Greenleys News is very competitively priced in comparison to other local councils. Should you wish to place an advert/article in Wolverton and Greenleys News please complete and return a copy of our Booking Form along with payment. 

New advertisers are offered a free additional advert when purchasing the first one.

All advertisers are offered a 10% discount when they block book a further 3-5 adverts, or a 20% discount if they block book a further six or more - these discounts do not apply to premium page

Non profit organisations (supported by a copy of their constitution/rules plus a set of accounts) and registered charities are eligible for free advertising, but adverts within the parish will be prioritised over those who are not.

Newsletter deadline dates

Newsletter Advert Submission Deadlines

Issue 109 Apr/May:  9 Mar 2018

Issue 110 Jun/Jul:  4 May 2018

Issue 111 Aug/Sep: 6 Jul 2018  

Issue 112 Oct/Nov: 7 Sept 2018 

Issue 113 Dec/Jan 9 Nov 2018  

Issue 114 Feb/Mar: 10 Jan 2019

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