Latest Planning Developments in the Area


Field Lane Development 

Here is the presentation about the proposed works for the Field Lane Development from the last meeting presented by The Parks Trust. This plan is still working progress, no formal application has been submitted at this stage. 

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Planning Applications

Topical Planning items being discussed at Milton Keynes Development Control Committee

Follow the link for the Milton Keynes Council planning portal, this allows you to apply for planning permission and to view the current status of all planning applications.

Costs for Applying for Planning Permission 

£206.00 application fee
£25.00 Administration Fee 


McDonald's Licensing Application Update - 13.11.18

From WGTC; "Following the objections raised by WGTC in regards to the licence for 24 hour trading at McDonalds Wolverton, informal discussions were held by WGTC, licensing and Kaizen, the Franchisee. Following these, the Franchisee have now offered significant changes, which include sound reduction measures and signage to address some of these issues, and these have now been accepted and agreed" 


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