Coronavirus Information

NSALG Advice for Plot Holders 


  1. Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly
  2. Take a flask of hot water, soap & paper towel to the plot (cold water will work too)
  3. Dry your hands with paper towel after washing, to remove the dead skin cells where the bacteria can sit.
  4. DO NOT touch your face after using anything that has been used by other people - if possible, use your elbow to work the push tap
  5. Only attend the allotment site with members of your household
  6. Use hand sanitiser before opening and after closing any gate locks
  7. Observe social distancing keeping 2 metres away from other plot holders
  8. Do not share tools
  9. DO NOT gather to chat even if you're 2 metres apart 
  10. Stop all contact with other plot holders e.g. no shaking hands
  11. Do not wash your hands in water troughs
  12. Wash your hands when you get home
  13. Recommend that all communal facilities are closed
  14. If you have livestock and must visit twice a day, take a photo of the livestock to show in case you are questioned of where you are going. 
  15. Plan ahead to ensure that you have food and medication delivered to you during this time
  16. Stay away from vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as much as possible
  17. If you display any symptoms of Covid 19 (high temperature or continuous cough) or a family member is self-isolating, DO NOT attend the allotment site or leave the house

Find more information on the NSALG Website 


How to Apply for an Allotment

If you would like to become an allotment plot-holder, please contact the Town Council office here and attach a completed application form. Once this is received we will arrange a site visit with one of the reps. 

Please note that the management of the Hodge Furze site has been transferred to the Hodge Club so they are responsible for maintaining the site and collecting rents for the new allotment year. You can contact them on [email protected].

Allotment Application Form


Man working the ground at an allotment

Useful Information for Allotment Holders

Please follow the links to the useful information for Allotment Holders 

Spade working the ground

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TERMINATION OF A TENANCY OF AN ALLOTMENT GARDEN The tenancy of an allotment garden shall terminate on the annual rent day after the death of the Tenant. It may also be terminated by the Council by re-entry after one month’s notice.