How to Apply for an Allotment

If you would like to become an allotment plot-holder, please contact the Town Council office and attach a completed application form. Once this is received we will arrange a site visit with one of the reps or add you to our waiting list if there are no available plots. We currently have a waiting list for Old Wolverton.

Please note that the management of the Hodge Furze site is down to the Hodge Club so they are responsible for maintaining the site and collecting rents. There is currently a waiting list at the site but you can email the Hodge Club for further details.

Allotment Application Form


Two people sat on a bench overlooking the allotment site



Harvested fruit and veg

Harvested veg



Stacey Hill, Stacey Avenue, MK12 5DN. Entrance on the right hand side of the red post box. Price per pole is: £6.26 (plots on this site are usually 5 or 10 poles).

Hodge Furze, Marron Lane, MK12 5AR. Entrance at the very end of Marron Lane. Please contact the Hodge Club if you are interested in taking on plot on this site.

Old Wolverton, Old Wolverton Road, MK12 5PN. Entrance via the car par situated after the Galleon pub. Price per pole is: £6.42 (plots on this site range from 1-10 poles).

Community Orchard, Western Road, Wolverton, MK12 5AY.

Beans growing on a plot

Leeks and swiss chard growing on a plot

Peas growing on a plot

Teamwork clearing a plot

Useful Information for Allotment Holders

The National Allotment Society has lots of useful information and resources for plot holders on the NAS website. This ranges from advice to encourage honeybees and wild pollinators, to clearing a plot to planning out and designing your plot. You may also wish to read the RSPCA guide to animal welfare on a plot.

Please see below for WGTC policies

A good example of a plot

A well managed plot

A courgette and courgette flower

A bird box on an allotment site


Who can have a plot? Anyone over the age of 16. Residents within our parish take priority on waiting lists.

What are the raised beds? These beds have been installed at Stacey Hill to allow for easier access to growing space for elderly and physically restricted/disabled plot holders.

Who should I report crimes to? If it is an urgent police matter, please call 999, if not then 101.

When is rent due? A tenancy review will take place yearly in October and rent is due within 30 days of receiving you tenancy agreement.

What if I’m ill or cannot maintain my plot for other reasons? The tenant or a relative should notify the Council in writing.

What can I use my plot for? Only for the purpose of growing vegetables, fruit, flowers or lawn for his/her family’s domestic use not for any trade or business.

Can I have a fence? Only with the written consent of the Council. It should not be any higher than 1.2 metres around the perimeter of the allotment plot.

Can I use spraying weed control methods? Only when there is no wind or other people around and must be used and stored in line with the current legislation.

Can I have large vehicles access the site? Permission from the council is required for any delivery that requires a vehicle larger than a small van/car.

What happens if I cause damage on the site? Damage caused to any roads, paths, gates, fences, sheds or any other Council property shall repaired at the cost to the tenant. Failure to repair or non-payment of these charges will result in termination of tenancy.

Can someone else share my plot? You can complete a plot sharer form. The tenant is responsible for their plot sharer.

What livestock can I have on my plot? The Tenant shall not keep any livestock (as permitted by statute) on the allotment without prior written consent of the Council. No Cockerels are permitted. The council’s policies on keeping rabbits, hens and bees must be adhered to at all times. If a bee’s nest is found please contact the Bee Keeping Association for advice.

Where can I dispose of rubbish on my plot or the site? Tenants are not allowed to bring any rubbish for the purposes of disposal. The tenant must remove all rubbish belonging to them on or before expiry of tenancy. All rubbish must go to the appropriate waste and recycling centre.

Can I bring my dog or pets to the site? The tenant can bring a dog, so long as it is on a lead at all times and remains on the tenant's plot only. Any fouling must be removed and disposed of offsite.

Can I have another key? Replacement keys are available from the Town Hall at a cost of £20. The tenant shall not make duplicate keys to access the Allotment. Access gates shall be closed and locked at all times after access and exit.

What if I move house? Notice should be given in writing to the Allotment Officer of any change in address within 28 days of such a change.

Can I have a bonfire? Avoid lighting a bonfire in unsuitable weather conditions – smoke hangs in the air on damp, still days. If it is windy, smoke may be blown into neighbouring gardens, please be considerate of nearby houses or other plot users. Bonfires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before the plot holder leaves site.

Can I bring people to the site? Tenants bringing children and family onto the allotment garden must be responsible for their safety and keep all visitors within the boundary of the plot. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times unless a prior arrangement is made with the Town Council. Children, visitors and tenants must not trespass on any other plots or take produce or equipment without prior permission, including fruit from established trees.

Does the council provide insurance for the site? Yes for the general allotment site but allotment holders must provide contents and public liability insurance for their own plot. This is not covered by the council insurance.

What is available on allotment sites? Stacey Hill and Old Wolverton have taps to access mains running water. There is a portaloo on the Stacey Hill site from March-October.

Can I have a pond? Permission must be sought from the Council and must be fenced or covered for safety. Ponds must not be filled using well or mains water.

Why do I need to pay a plot deposit? The plot deposit ensures that when the plot is relinquished, that it is returned back in good condition and is free from rubbish or hazardous items.

Where is my allotment plot deposit held? This is held under a separate budget account and is returned when the plot has been inspected by the reps, if the plot is not returned in a reasonable state the deposit will not be refunded.