Wolverton Christmas Bauble Competition

WGTC are running a Christmas bauble competition to encourage footfall to our highstreets over the Christmas period and beyond. It is free, easy to get involved with and there are prizes to be won!

All you need to do is visit every business on the entry form and find the numbered bauble in their window. Write down the number on your form and when you have found all the bauble numbers drop your entry form into the Office at the Town Hall. All correct entries will be entered into a draw for prizes kindly donated by local businesses.

The baubles will be up in windows from Monday 28th November to Monday 12th December. All entries need to be returned to the Town Hall before 9am Friday 16th December when the prize draw will take place. Winners will be contacted on Friday 16th and need to collect their prizes before 4pm Thursday 22nd December.

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQs below. You can collect an entry form from the Town Hall, Maisies, MK Biergarten, CP Locks, Mrs B's Emporium or the Old School Cafe, or download and print one here. Alternatively please follow this link to an online form.


A huge thank you to the local businesses who have very kindly donated a prize to this competition. All correct entry forms will be entered into the prize draw and winners will be selected at random. We will notify you on Friday 16th December and you will need to collect your prize from the Town Hall in Wolverton before 4pm Thursday 22nd December.

Old School Cafe

£10 gift voucher to be redeemed in their cafe 


£10 gift voucher to be redeemed in their store

MK Biergarten

£10 gift voucher to be redeemed in their micropub 

Prime Pets Supplies

£10 gift voucher to be redeemed in their shop

Forever Gorgeous Beauty Salon

25 minute dermalogica express facial voucher

Stratford House Dental Practice

Oral hygiene products 

CP Locks

Infapower torch

Cha Station

1x meal for two including desert

1x two hot drinks 


Mrs B's Emporium

A candle 

King and Meakins

Bicycle pump 

 A voucher to be redeemed in their coffee shop 

Craufurd Arms

Five free gig vouchers
Tcs & Cs here 

MK Everest

Free meal for four people (max £75, to be had at dinner)

Forky's Desserts

£25 gift voucher to be redeemed in their cafe
Valid until 31.01.23 


I went to a shop/business but couldn’t see a bauble because the shop has shutters.
All baubles will be visible during that businesses’ opening hours. As some have shutters, they won’t be able to display their bauble when they are closed. Pop back during their opening hours


I can’t drop my form off at the Town Hall. Can I email it to you?  


Why are some places not taking part?
Not all businesses wanted or were able to take part, but they may decide to next year


I don’t want the prize I have won. Can I swap it for another?
Sadly not, however you could re-gift it to someone else


I’ve lost the bauble in my shop. Can I have another one?
Yes. Please let us know ASAP so we can give you a replacement


There was no bauble in a shop listed as taking part.
Please let us know and we can contact the shop to check if their bauble is still on display. Some baubles will only be visible during shop hours as the shop may have shutters when closed which will block the bauble from being seen. Pop back during their opening hours


I’m a business owner and would love to take part next year.
Great! Let Joe know at community@wolvertonandgreenleystowncouncil.gov.uk and we will be sure to include you


I’ve lost the entry form. Can I get another?
Of course. You can pick them up from the Town Hall and selected shops, or you can download an entry form or complete digitally via this link 


Do I have to pay to enter?
No, entry is free


I’m a local business owner and originally I was unable to donate a prize but now I’d like to. Am I too late?
Absolutely not. Please contact us and let us have your prize before Friday 16th December and we will award the prize


How are the prizes awarded?
All correct entries will be put into a hat and pulled out at random until there are no prizes left


I’m unable to pick up my prize before Thursday 22nd December.
Please let us know ASAP. The office closes on Friday 23rd but, depending on what your prize is, we might be able to hold on to it until the office reopens in the New Year


I can’t find all the baubles in time. Can I still take part?
You can, but please bear in mind that only correct entries will go into the prize draw


Do I have to live in the parish to take part? 
No, you don’t. Anyone can take part in this competition


How old do you have to be to enter?
Anyone can enter but if you are under 18 you will need a parent or guardian to supply their details on the form so we can contact them to collect your prize if you are a winner


The Town Hall is closed. How can I drop my entry form off?
If the building is closed, please post your entry form through the letter box on the right hand side by the main doors