Dog Waste FAQs

Who is responsible for the dog waste bins in the parish? 
WGTC. We employ a contractor to empty them. Every bin is emptied once a week, some are emptied twice a week.


The bin is full, what should I do with my waste?
Take your waste home or dispose of it in a general waste bin. Please do not overfill the bins, this is fly-tipping.

The bin is full/overflowing, should I let you know?
Please do! We can only take action if we know about the issue. Email with an image of the bin, location, reference number and the date you found it in that condition.

Can I put litter in the dog waste bins?
No, please use the general waste bins. Filling dog waste bins with general waste contributes to overfilling and ends up costing you more money!

Can I put dog waste in a general waste bin?
Yes- you can! Dog waste can go in your black waste bag that gets collected weekly or in general waste bins around the parish.


Dog Waste Bin Locations