Mayor Adrian Moss Gallery

Mayor Moss laying a wreath at the MK Rose to mark the 104th anniversary of Albert French's death 

Mayor Moss at the MK Rose 

Mayor Moss with Denise of Bubbles Laundromat who rejuvenated the Mayoral Regalia 

Mayor Moss with Denise from Bubbles Laundromat 

Mayor Moss at Hazard Alley's 25th Birthday 

Mayor Moss at Hazard Alley 25th Anniversary 

Former Mayor Hussain

Wolverton Mayor awarding the competition winner with the prize at annual Fireworks display

Wolverton Mayor awarding school competition winner their prize and certificate at the annual Firework Display 2017. 

Wolverton Mayor enjoying a sweet treat at the MK50 Summer Festival

Wolverton Mayor enjoying a sweet treat at Wolverton's MK50 Summer Festival.