Who can apply?

The Town Council make grants to a wide range of organisations that help foster the social, sporting and cultural life of the parish . We welcome applications on behalf of all sections of the community. We are particularly keen to help grassroots community groups and small-to-medium-sized voluntary organisations. We do not normally make grants to large UK-wide charities, but we might do so where there are strong relationships in our area and the proposal has potential to achieve a substantial impact.

You do not have to be a registered charity, but you must be a not for profit organisation or community group.

Please note if you have previously had a grant from us we will not consider any new application unless you have sent us all the required grant reports


Revised Grant Process & Submission Dates

• Applications will now be considered at the monthly Full Council meetings

• Grants will be paid retrospectively

How to apply

Please complete the application form

Town Council Logo

 The Town Council Logo can be down loaded by clicking on the above link.

What will we fund?

  • One-off projects, such as building or renovation work.
  • Projects where a good cross section of the community will benefit.
  • Seed funding for a project that will not require funding in future years.
  • Innovative projects that without some grant money are unlikely to be successful.
  • Materials, artists fees, venue hire, supplies, equipment, capital works, transport costs, printing and photocopy costs, insurance, activities.

In most cases organisations will be expected to raise some of the project cost themselves.

What will we not fund?

  • Staff costs and salaries
  • Profitable organisations or privately owned companies, CIC's or Limited Companies
  • Retrospective projects
  • Activities or projects outside the parish area
  • Funding towards an individual or a project that only benefits an individual
  • General running costs

End of Grant Reports  

View previous successful applicants here 

Standard Conditions

1.    The funding awarded will only be provided for purposes stated in your application and will not be available for any other purpose.  

2. On approval of the grant a formal letter will be sent to the applicant. Payment for grants will be made in arrears of expenditure. Alternatively, invoices can be paid directly to the supplier on receipt of the ‘End of Grant Report’.

3. All your publicity for the event/project must acknowledge the financial support received from Town Council. Copies of such publicity should be sent to Town Council for our records. You can download our logo from our website under services.

4. A written grant report should be submitted to the Town Council by the deadline of the next quarter, explaining the use of the grant and costs covered by it. Any problems with submitting within the above time frame must be explained at the time of submitting this application. No other application from you will be considered until the report is received.

5. The Town Council may publicise the amount of funding awarded to your project or organisation in the Wolverton & Greenleys Newsletter or elsewhere.

6. The organisation, community group or single applicant must ensure that adequate insurance is obtained for the project/event.

7. The grant must be used within six months of the date it is awarded. Otherwise the funds will automatically lapse, and you will need to make a fresh application. If you cannot meet the criteria, an explanation must be included with this application

8. Time scale for the event/project to be completed needs to be discussed and agreed with the Project Officer.

9. The applicant is responsible for organising the project/event and must ensure that all licenses and health and safety requirements have been completed and obtained prior to the event/project.

10. The council grant offers financial support to the applicant. No council staff time is included in this financial support and must be paid additionally by the applicant, if required. If council staff time is required it is recommended that this is detailed in the application. Costs can be supplied by the town council.

11. Any equipment hired from the town council will be subject to the same terms detailed in the Equipment Hire booking form. Staff time to deliver, collect and erect equipment must be paid for and a booking form must be completed separately to this application to book the equipment.

12. The council encourage community groups to run community events. If council support is required to assist with the event, this must be detailed in this application for the council to agree the costs and resources which they can commit. If not requested in this application the council will be unable to assist.

13. All grants are paid retrospectively. Invoices can be made out the council and paid direct for services and equipment purchase. 

The council reserves the right to refuse payment if the grant is not fulfilled in accordance with what was awarded.


Best Practise Advice on Planning Events 

Take a look at the downloadable helpful tips on how to plan an event. 

WGTC Equipment Hire  

If you would like to hire equipment and the Council Caretakers to deliver and collect it, then please complete and return our equipment hire form, which is on the link above.  

Event Plan 

Take a look at the downloadable event plan template that you can use as a guide for your events.