Lantern Festival 2019

Rocket Lanter at the Festival

Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival 2019

Lantern Festival

Previous Years of the Lantern Festival 

Saturday 25th November delivered the 29th edition of the Wolverton Lantern Festival, MK’s longest established lantern parade.

From last years video you can see giant lantern creations of a spaceman from Wyvern First School, an Egyptian Sarcophagus from Bushfield School, a paraffin lit ‘Great Fire of London’ lantern flats by the children of Greenleys First School as well as hundreds of ‘horrible history themed’ lanterns created by visitors. Stony Stratford volunteers brought a ‘Spike the Dragon’ lantern, after learning how to make the giant willow creations in Wolverton’s ‘train to build’ workshops.

Be part of the magic at the Lantern Festival by donating what you can to their local giving page. All donations will be used to support the Lantern Festival so that every year it grows bigger, better and of course brighter!



Festival goers walking with the lantern.

Large lantern display in Wolverton Square

Giant lanterns in the parade

Lantern display in Wolverton Square

A band performing at Wolverton Square

Festival goers displaying a lantern