Milton Keynes Council Services

Waste Collection

MK Council is directly responsible for emptying litter bins, domestic bin collections, street cleansing and waste recycling, fly-tipping on public land and environmental health. 

For rubbish collection, put all your refuse and recycling bags, containers and bins out between 5pm on the day before collection and by 7am on collection day each week. Missed collections can be reported to MKC.

You can order recycling sacks by calling 01908 252570. 


MK Council is the planning authority and decides whether to grant planning permission or not. WGTC expresses its opinion on individual planning applications. Our job is to represent the whole community in making these observations which must relate to material planning matters.

WGTC is also a consultee on planning policy. MK Council determines licensing applications but again WGTC may comment on behalf of the community. WGTC also gets involved in the spending of financial contributions made by developers under S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act (as amended).


Thames Valley Police and MK Council both have powers to enforce parking restrictions and the police can issue penalties to motorists causing obstructions or committing other driving/parking offences. We report problems and liaise with both organisations about parking problems but we can’t take enforcement action or impose restrictions.

Streetlights, Roads, Pavements and Traffic

MK Council is directly responsible for street lighting, footway and carriageway repairs, traffic calming and all issues relating to local roads which are not the responsibility of the national Highways Authority.

WGTC report problems and work with MK Council and others on road safety issues; we regularly deploy our own Speed Indication Devices around the area which flash to remind speeding motorists to slow down.

You can find information on road closures and diversions etc on MK Council's Highways page


Parks and Play Equipment

MK Council is responsible for the grounds and play equipment at Victoria Park, Western Road Recreation Ground and Greenleys MUGA (except for the floodlights at this MUGA).


MK Council is responsible for mowing grass, maintaining shrubs and hedgerows as well as dealing with any fallen trees. 


MK Council is responsible for removing all illegally dumped waste on public land. You need to report any instances to them online. 

Council Tax and Benefits

These also fall under the remit of MK Council who will be able to assist. 


MK Council deal with all council housing services as well as any complaints regarding their state of repair.

Alley Parking 3 Strike System

1st Strike – If a vehicle is obstructing in the back alleyways the local residents approach in the 1st instance

2nd Strike - If a vehicle is still obstructing the back alleyways after the initial contact has been made then the residents are required to contact the police who will issue a letter of warning

3rd Strike - If a vehicle is still obstructing the back alleyways after the police can then issue with FPN

Contacting MK Council


Milton Keynes Council Website


Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 9am - 5.15pm - Wed 10am - 5:15pm

01908 691691

Our out of hours emergency telephone- 01908 226699

Postal Address

Civic Offices
1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes

Report It  

The Report It tool can be used to report most kinds of issues and problems.