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The Council comprises sixteen (16) councillors representing the five (5) wards: Greenleys, Wolverton East, Wolverton West, Stacey Bushes and Hodge Lea. 

Under the Localism Act the Council are obliged to display all Councillor Register of Interest forms. Please follow the links below to view these and other relevant documents: 

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The Chair's Reports

Each year the Chair reflects on the achievements and projects that the town council has undertaken for the area. To review these reports please follow the below links:

Chair's Report: 2017/2018
Chair's Report 2018/2019
Chair's Report 2019/2020 
Chair's report 2020/2021

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Council Vacancies

There is currently one vacancy in the Stacey Bushes ward and one in the Wolverton West ward. Please contact the office via email if you would like to find out more about these roles or to apply.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and the Local Government Association (LGA) have launched a new online event on how you can be the voice of your community by standing for election as a local councillor. Join NALC and the LGA on 14 November 2023 for an empowering event that will discuss the path to becoming a local councillor and positively impacting your local area and society.

The event will provide an invaluable opportunity to learn about the vital work and role of councillors from an expert panel. Councillors who have served at various local government levels will share their insights, experiences, and advice about the world of local leadership.

You will gain valuable knowledge and the chance to ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions, and connect with others who share your passion for community action. You'll discover the wide range of support available to help you take action and make a change in your community.

Learn more about NALC's Make A Change and the LGA's Become a Councillor campaigns. These resources will provide further guidance and assistance in becoming a local leader. Claim your FREE place today! 

Greenleys Ward

David Robertson

Email Cllr Robertson 

From March to August 2020 I was involved with the distribution of SOFEA food boxes at Greenleys shops, and saw the desperate situation many people were facing, and this inspired me to step up to the mark to see if I could improve things for my area. I have lived in Greenleys for seven years, and when I am asked where I live I answer "Greenleys". Quite often their reaction is "Oh Dear!" I want to change that to "Wow, you are lucky".

As a councillor I hope to focus on Law and Order, and forge a strong link with our local police force. I hope I can make a difference, but cannot do it alone. If everyone did one small thing, no matter how insignificant it seems, the change in our situation would be great. 

Committees: Planning and Personnel

Working Groups: Traffic and Parking

Outside Bodies: None

Beatrice Khumbula

Email Cllr Khumbula

Hello, my name is Beatrice and I have lived in Milton Keynes for over 12 years now and enjoy living in my area. Currently I work for a trust that supports people with learning disabilities, and I have had the experience of working in homeless shelters and supported mother and child units, including shelters that support people with alcohol and substance abuse.

My work experience has instilled in me a strong desire to improve the lives of individuals and communities, I have been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with many people from different ethnic and diverse backgrounds, facing unique challenges that has given me a deep understanding of the social and economic forces that affect our communities and individuals.

My special interests are in families, children and promoting the wellbeing and growth of my community. My passion is my family and good family values, safeguarding children and vulnerable people in our communities and promoting public health, growth and wellbeing.

I am excited at the prospect of being part of the community, where I can advocate for change and work towards solutions that are sustainable, making a positive impact to my community. I look forward to learning and growing alongside my community and sharing ideas, insights and experiences to better the world we live in, and give back to the community I live in.

Committees: Personnel

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None

Matthew Bennett

Email Cllr Bennett

Since moving to Wolverton just over a year ago, I have been an active member of the community, regularly taking part in volunteering initiatives in and around the area.

I wanted to become a councillor as I am passionate about helping others, and in this role, I can help influence decisions for the betterment of my local community.

I love living in Wolverton and I am very excited about the improvements we can bring to our town. I am an active member of the Wolverton Fitness Centre - please don't hesitate to reach out or say hello, after all, I am here to represent you! 

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None 

Wolverton West Ward - One Vacancy

Shaaron Forbes

Email Cllr Forbes 

Committees: Personnel

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None

Photo of Cllr Saunders

Hilary Saunders

Email Cllr Saunders

I was originally a Buckinghamshire County Councillor from 1989 and then elected to the Unitary Authority when it was formed in 1996/7. Soon after I became a Town Councillor and stepped down from my other roles to concentrate on the Town Council. I have always wanted to try and improve life for everybody, especially where I live. 

Committees: Finance and Personnel

Working Groups: Agora re-development, Gables Development and Twinning

Outside Bodies: MKALC and MK Canalside Forum

Photo of Cllr Kanwar

Kiran Kanwar

Email Cllr Kanwar

I have been a public servant for over 20 years, and my time as a public servant has given me invaluable experience which I hope to bring as a local parish councillor.

I wanted to join the Parish Council because I was keen to be a councillor who engages with the community. I initiated the local residents meeting because I really want to hear about the specific issues which concern residents, and I would encourage more residents to join the meetings.

I used to live in London but since moving to Wolverton I have been able to appreciate the benefits of living in a more rural area. I hope I will be able to have influence on some of the issues that concern residents.

I am slowly becoming a keen gardener and hope to be joining a horticulture course soon.

Committees: Finance and Personnel

Working Groups: Gables Development

Outside Bodies: None

Photo of Cllr Qureshi

Khubaib Qureshi

Email Cllr Qureshi

Hello I’m Khubaib, but you can call me Eddie. I was born in Wolverton and went to school locally, so I know the town well. I wanted to become a councillor to help my community and to engage with young people as I felt like there wasn’t much support for young people in our community and a lack of role models. I’m only 19 myself!

I am a jeweller and work in the jewellery shop in The Square, Wolverton. In my spare time I like to further my knowledge by completing online courses; in September I will be starting another jewellery making course at the British Academy of Jewellery in London.

I also do a lot of charity work; in 2021 I helped run a charity raising funds for food packages and overall support for Syria and in 2022 I did the same for Palestine. Please say hi if you see me around.  

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None 

Wolverton East Ward

Photo of Cllr Moss

Adrian Moss

Email Cllr Moss

I have been a councillor since 2015. Having lived in the area for thirty years I wanted to make a difference and put something back into the community. My personal interests include photography, technology and walking the dog. I was Mayor of Wolverton from 2019-2023.

Committees: Planning and Finance

Working Groups: Agora re-development and Twinning

Outside Bodies: MKALC and MK Canalside Forum

Photo of Cllr Bamisile

Victoria Bamisile

Email Cllr Bamisile 

From a young age its been instilled in me to become a part of whichever community I find myself in with great fulfilment and purpose. As a result, I am actively involved in several community projects within MK and its surrounding areas.

I became a councillor with the aim of ensuring that anyone who meets me is signposted to the right services and to that people’s views are heard. During my speech I asked the following question: Do you believe like I do, that all of us deserve the opportunity to bring out the best from our respective communities? Not second best, the best. This has become my driving force in everything I do when serving the Wolverton & Greenleys community. I’ve lived in Old Wolverton for over five years and strongly believe
this is the time for me to give back to the community.

I enjoy singing and writing music, spending time with my dog, always on the lookout for a good movie to watch, working in the early years no day is the same.

Committees: None

Working Groups: Twinning

Outside Bodies: None

Photo of Cllr Lewis

Bridget Lewis

Email Cllr Lewis

Chair of Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council
Mayor of Wolverton

Email the Mayor

I have lived in Wolverton since 2000 and as a child, attending all three schools in the town. I’m currently the Club Secretary of Wolverton Working Men’s Social Club, we put on lots of events at the club for all the parish, it would be great to see you!

Previously, I have worked at Wyvern School and as a delivery courier. I was also in the Buckinghamshire Army Cadet Force for 26 years, serving as a Cadet and as an adult instructor, reaching the rank of Sgt Major. I love living in Wolverton, it is such a great place and I want to serve it well for as long as possible.  

Committees: Finance and Planning

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None

Photo of Cllr Campbell

Kerry Campbell

Email Cllr Campbell

Hello, my name is Kerry. I have lived in Wolverton for 13 years and enjoy all the wonderful community opportunities there are here. I have specialist interests in safeguarding, children and families and public health.  

Committees: Finance

Working Groups: Twinning

Outside Bodies: None

Stacey Bushes Ward - One Vacancy

Cllr Hussain

Ansar Hussain

Email Cllr Hussain 

I was originally a School Parent Governor for Greenleys Junior School which inspired me to become a Councillor, as I could give something back to the community in a voluntary role and bridge the gap between the local residents and the Council.

My personal interests include fitness, meeting people, driving, travelling, films and current affairs. 

I have previously been Mayor of Wolverton. 

Committees: Finance 

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: Pools Trust

Hodge Lea Ward

Photo of Cllr Orimogunje

Olugbade Orimogunje

Email Cllr Orimogunje 

I wanted to make a difference to my community in a new way. I have always wanted to give my best in the community that I belong to. I have been involved in some community projects in the past such as reaching out to the homeless and visiting elderly people’s home to distribute parcels and gifts. It has always been my aspiration to lend a helping hand to people.

As well as serving my community, part of my reasons for becoming a councillor is to identify and pursue the interest of the people in the local area. Also, as a councillor, ensuring that people get the right service at the right time and making sure their views are heard is important to me. 

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None

Photo of Cllr Riaz

Samera Riaz

Email Cllr Riaz 

Committees: None

Working Groups: None

Outside Bodies: None

MK Council Ward Councillors

Wolverton Ward (includes Greenleys)

Ansar Hussain

Peter Marland
07769 365316

Robert Middleton
07849 725830 

Stacey Bushes and Hodge Lea Ward

Marie Bradburn
01908 234120

Robin Bradburn
07742 164318

Robert Exon
01908 220321 

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