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There are currently 'vacancies' in the Wolverton West ward. If you are interested, email us at [email protected]


Meet your Councillors

The council comprises sixteen (16) councillors representing the five (5) wards: Greenleys, Wolverton East, Wolverton West, Stacey Bushes and Hodge Lea. 

Under the new Localism Act the Council are obliged to display all Councillor Register of Interest forms. Please follow the links below to view these and other relevant documents: 

Register of Interest Forms 

Application pack

Good Councillor Guide

The Role of a Councillor

Code of Conduct

The Chairman's Report

Each year the chair reflects on the achievements and projects that the town council has undertaken for the area. To review these reports please follow the below links:

Chair's Report: 2017/2018
Chair's Report 2018/2019
Chair's Report 2019/2020 
Chair's report 2020/2021 

Greenleys Ward

Karen Faulkes

[email protected] 


Ayo Aiyeloa

Number: 07872444123  

Councillor David Robertson

David Robertson

Committees: - Planning and Personnel

Wolverton West Ward

Shaaron Forbes
Committees - Personnel 

Hilary Saunders
01908 319271


Committees: Personnel, Planning 

Working Groups: Agora Re-development; Neighbourhood Plan Update; Gables Re-development; Twinning

Outside Bodies: Parishes Forum


Wolverton East Ward

Councillor Adrian Moss

Adrian Moss
07905 319140
Chairman of WGTC and Mayor of Wolverton

To invite the Mayor to an event, please contact us on the Mayor's email address.

Committees:  Planning

Working Groups: Agora Re-Development; Neighbourhood Plan Update; Twinning 

Outside bodies:  MKALC

Councillor Naseem Khan

Naseem Khan


Mobile number: 07811268236

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: Traffic and Parking; Twinning

Outside Bodies: MKALC, Future Wolverton 


Victoria Bamisile 


Committees: Personnel

Working Groups: Twinning

Outside Bodies: Parishes Forum; Future Wolverton

Fazia Khatoon Picture 

Fazia Khatoon 


Committees:  Planning

Working Groups: Twinning

Outside Bodies: Future Wolverton;  

Stacey Bushes Ward

Ansar New Photo
Ansar Basir Hussain
07742 637638


Outside bodies: Pools Trust


Councillor Ross Webb 

Ross Webb 


Committees: Planning

Working groups: Agora Re-Development; neighbourhood Plan update 

Outside bodies: MKALC 


Hodge Lea Ward

Councillor Olugbade OrimogunjeOlugbade Orimogunje 


Outside bodies: Pools Trust 

Samera Riaz

Vice Chair of WGTC


Committees: Personnel



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