The History of Wolverton

The town of Wolverton was founded in 1838 by The London and Birmingham Railway Company to house its workforce and was originally known as Wolverton Station. The area was chosen because it sits roughly halfway between London and Birmingham. The nearby Grand Union Canal ensured that there was free movement of goods. 

The Railway Company built the first terraces in the 1840s, neat redbrick terraced houses and shops that are still standing today. It also provided public buildings, some of which you can still see. The LBR became London & North Western Railway Company in 1845.

Historic accounts of Wolverton are often accompanied by photographs of hundreds of men in flat caps lining the Stratford Road as they left from the works. The works siren could be heard throughout the town and beyond to signal time for work, for lunch and for home.

Queen Victoria pub

Old market hall

Fire station

Drum and monkey off license

Christian Foundation

Arts and Crafts houses