Railway Works Redevelopment

Statement re Wolverton Works - Issued on behalf of Gemini Rail Group and St. Modwen 25 March 2018

Gemini Rail Group has undertaken an extensive review of its Operations at the Wolverton Railway Works and currently the Management team is part way through a Transformation programme to enable the business to move towards a more sustainable position within the next 2 years. As part of this programme the management team has spent considerable time in evaluating the changing market conditions in the UK Rail service sector, primarily to give the owners and the Local team a level of confidence as to the type and extent of business the Works will undertake in the coming years. It is clear from this that there is a sustainable business volume that would support a future redevelopment of the site and that the volume of work, although of a differing type, is expected to be of a consistent level to underpin the Works longevity and support the investment required for site redevelopment. Gemini Rail Group have therefore commenced discussions with St. Modwen about the redevelopment of the site to provide a new facility for the business.

Gemini Rail Group are also aware of the local interest in Wolverton Railway Works regarding its future and an understanding of Gemini's intentions. Gemini are now working on a strategy to engage with the local community and will be issuing invitations to meet with stakeholders in the near future. These discussions will include the potential to house the War Memorial remembering the individuals that worked at the Wolverton Railway Works who lost their lives in WW1.
St. Modwen supports the intentions of Gemini Rail Group with regard to the War Memorial and is pleased to be engaged in discussions which will hopefully result in the delivery of new rail-related buildings for them, maintaining the historic use on this important site. This will then pave the way for the new housing development and public realm on the rest of the site. St. Modwen looks forward to working with the local community as it develops the plans for Gemini and the rest of the site through the Reserved Matters planning process.

Stratford Road Railway Works Development Site Planning Application number 15/02030/OUTIES

Judicial Review Update - Railway Works loses Appeal - 31.07.18

WGTC have been informed by Historic England of the High Court's decision following their appeal against the development of the Wolverton Railway works.

"The High Court has declined to quash the Council’s decision to grant planning permission for the almost complete demolition of the railway works...The judge considered that the (MK) Council was, in law, entitled to come to the conclusion that the future use of one part of the site for railway-related employment and the replacement of the rest for housing outweighed the retention of the unlisted buildings for the contribution they make to the character of Wolverton."