The History of the Scarecrow Festival

The Scarecrow Festival started in 2004 and was instigated by, among others, the late Denise Illett. It is a great opportunity for the community to get crafting to produce such creations as Postman Pat, robots, burglars climbing drain pipes etc. and to display them at the front of their houses for all to see.

The festival is on for a weekend in September. The guide will take you along the route which encompasses Green Lane, Moon Street, Victoria Street, Osborne Street, Buckingham Street, Aylesbury Street, Oxford Street, Western Road, Eton Crescent, Peel Road, Windsor Street, Cambridge Street and Church Street.

Each year a band of volunteers open up the old railway carriage at the Community Orchard and offer refreshments to anyone who would like to partake. The orchard is also home to some of the scarecrows. Refreshments can also be had at the Town Square.

This event is well worth a visit as it shows the talents and diversity of the community and is a lovely day out for families.


Scarecrow Festival 2021

Mary poppins scarecrow

Frida Kahlo scarecrow

Owl scarecrow

Ghost scarecrows

Scarecrow taking a break

Builder scarecrow

Gardening scarecrow

Scarecrow in jail

Previous Scarecrow Festivals

Gardener scarecrow

Pirate scarecrow

Traditional scarecrow

Vicar scarecrow

Peter rabbit scarecrow

Grace O'Malley scarecrow

Darth vader scarecrow

Clown scarecrow


Pirate scarecrow

KISS scarecrow

Harry Potter scarecrow