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Town Trails

 Historical Background

The town of Wolverton was founded in 1838 by The London and Birmingham Railway Company to house its workforce. The Company chose this area for its "grand central station" and locomotive storage and repair department, as the halfway mark between London and Birmingham. Its position on the Grand Union Canal was also strategic for the free movement of goods. Built on a green field site, Wolverton can be considered a Victorian new town, attracting newcomers from all over the country. The LBR became London & North Western Railway Company in 1845.

Much of Wolverton retains its railway town appearance, with neat redbrick terraced houses and corner shops built on a grid system of streets. The Railway Company provided several fine public buildings and the long Victorian wall screening the Railway Works is a distinctive feature of the town.

The Wolverton Walk is intended to be forward looking as well as acknowledging and celebrating the past. It is about 2.5km (1.5miles) long and will take you approximately an hour to walk. A series of terrazzo markers set into the paving, designed by artist Julia Manheim, guide you along the route. Inset into the markers are texts and recycled fragments of glass, metal and found objects relating to the town. Working with residents, Julia devised the walk and noticed many of the unusual features of the Wolverton townscape.

For more information on Wolverton and future plans for the Walk, visit the Wolverton Society for Arts and Heritage websiteWorking with Milton Keynes Living Archive and Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council, Audio Trails have developed a smartphone App - The MK Trails. The Wolverton edition of the App guides visitors and locals around some of the landmarks and histories of Wolverton. Many of the landmarks discovered through the trail are tied up with the history of the railways.

For full details and to download the Apps please click here

Want to explore the town but do not have a smart phone? Why not Pick up a leaflet about the trails from the Town Hall.

Town Trail leaflets are available from the Library, Milton Keynes Museum and various shops in Wolverton. A copy of the leaflet can be found on this link




MK Trails Leaflet

Children's Trail

Children's Trail Leaflet

Have you completed the Children's Trail yet? 

Walk through the streets of Wolverton and find the hidden secrets of the town. Learn about the old shops of Wolverton and how the town has changed throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Pick up a leaflet from the Christian Foundation, Age UK Bookshop, Age UK in the Square, The Town Hall, Library, MK Museum, Mrs B’s and Buskers and begin your journey.