Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

Background to the New Neighbourhood Plan

The Wolverton Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted back in 2015, the plan concentrated on the Town Centre of Wolverton and its future developments. The current plan is becoming out of date and as such Full Council met at the end of 2019 to discuss refreshing this plan. It was agreed that a new Neighbourhood Plan should be developed.

The 'new' plan will be broader than the original plan and will encompass the rest of the parish areas to include: Hodge Lea, Stacey Bushes, Greenleys and Old Wolverton, Wolverton Mill and Wolverton and needs you!

Some of you may well be asking what is a Neighbourhood Plan and what is the point of a Neighbourhood Plan? How does this affect you and what can you do?

Well it is a way of helping local communities to be a part of how they can influence, shape and develop the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to develop a shared vision of your own area, and enable you to choose where new homes, shops, offices and other developments could be built. The plan can be used to influence what new buildings should look like, identify, and protect important local green spaces and look at things such as climate change and affordable housing. Once adopted, the plan then sits alongside the local plans and can be used with those plans when making planning decisions.

WGTC have already started work on the plan by submitting a request to Milton Keynes Council to add the rest of the parishes as part of this new plan. This was approved earlier on in the year and we have since instructed consultants to support us in developing the plan.

Each one of you is a part of the community and you can be a part of this plan. If you feel that there are things that affect you, then you can have your say on shaping this plan - you can support the plan by becoming part of the Steering Working Group.

The Steering Working Group is an essential part of the Neighbourhood Plan and is the voice of local residents, communities and businesses. We need individuals from all sectors of the community to get on board with this. The plan forms part of you and your children’s future so your thoughts are essential in making this a plan for everyone.